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Knife Sharpener 8"

$22.25 USD
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German steel 8 " KNIFE SHARPENER with wooden handle, guarantees the cutting edge of your blades and is ideal for both professional and home use. Durable and of excellent quality, manufactured in varnished hardwood, inserted under pressure on the pre-machined blades. Stainless steel protectors, other components are nickel-plated SAE 1010 steel.

They are resistant to washing machines and sterilizable in addition to their antibacterial protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, ensuring more hygiene and safety in food preparation.

Sharpner rod made of high quality stainless steel Chrome Vanadium SAE 6150 and coated with hard chrome throughout its surface. This coating has the purpose of protecting the entire part, preventing the rod from oxidizing / rusting. In addition to the high hardness by inductive heat treatment, layer 0.5 mm, layer hardness above 62HRc. This process guarantees a ductile core, making the blade resistant to breaks and grooves, since the scratches are made in a uniform and continuous manner, free of flaws that may cause defects in the knife edge when they are being sharpened.


Measures: 20.6 x 13 x 33.6 cm (Rod size x handle x total)

Weight: 220 grams

31.585.028/0001-61 - Bull Neck Comércio de Utensílios para Churrasco